Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homemade Ice Cream cookoff - Bring It!

Our Butler family reunion is in less than a month. As is customary, we are having a cooking contest. This year, since it will be summer and we want to try something that we haven't done before, we are doing.....


So let the games begin and may the best family win!

When we get back the middle of July, we will be posting the recipes and pictures of the contest. Hopefully at least one batch will turn out decent. :)

If you have a wonderful homemade ice cream recipe or any tips, please share in the comments.


Mandy said...

You guys totally have to make ice cream in a baggie!

We used to make this at my grandpas birthday party every year.

Also, my sister is quite the homemade ice cream gourmet and says that a custard (where you heat the eggs and cream before freezing) is the way to go.

Good luck!

Tfamily said...

I bet the kids would love the ice cream in a baggie. Thanks for the idea. I had read there were two different types of homemade ice cream, the custard type with eggs and then just milk/cream and sugar. Thanks for the help. Everyone is going down!