Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SCD - Specific Carbohydrate Diet

No, I haven't fallen off the end of the earth. I have just been busy re-learning how to cook for a child who has Crohn's. So, I haven't been trying and sharing very many "fun" recipes. We have started the SCD diet which limits you to almond flour, fruits, veggies, honey, eggs, lean proteins and nuts. And I am SURE that most of you aren't going to be interested in most of those. But I have learned a lot about reading ingredient labels, and cooking for my own family has taken a bit of a turn to the healthy. So hopefully I can share what I have learned, especially with summer coming and the abundance of fruits and vegetables that are available. If it is a recipe that can be made with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet in mind, I will put SCD at the beginning of the post. I have found that many recipes can be tweaked to be SCD. So I will post the original recipe first and the tweaked recipe second.

But don't panic. I won't go crazy with that. My family still loves, good, yummy food. And I still get recipes from friends, family and off the internet that I am trying. So those will be the main part of this blog. Because one day, my daughter will return to regular food and besides, I would get a real revolt from my family if we didn't indulge in foods that make us happy. So upward and onward!!!


JaMie said...

Oh can I tell you how excited I am!! We can all get a little more healthy so I can't wait to try some of your recipes! I totally trust it if its on here.

And our new Sunday dinner is your brown sugar glazed Pork loin. We love it.

Also, a friend brought a chicken teriyaki dinner over, her husband is Hawaiian and it is his family's recipe and it tastes just like the teriyaki from that teriyaki place in Enumclaw!! It is amazing, but i'm not so sure it is healthy... I just got the recipe I'll try it out and I'll send you the recipe!

Tfamily said...

If you are interested in posting recipes, you are more than welcome to be a contributor. You are a good cook, so I trust what you would share :) Thanks for the comments. It is funny becuase you post things and no one comments and then I have people come up to me and say stuff about the blog or when am I posting something new. So people are reading. Let me know if you want me to add you. I think I need your email address or you can send me a message on facebook. I think we are friends there. Thanks!!!