Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pioneer Woman's Chicken Scallopine

I wanted to fix a yummy substantial meal for my family and was open to new ideas. Then I wondered over to the Pioneer Woman's website and found this lovely bit of deliciousness. I highly recommend it. Even if your kids don't like mushrooms or even know what a caper is. They can pick them out. My husbands comment "This is way better than you could even get in a restaurant". I left my chicken and sauce separate so each person could put it together how they wanted. Those you went for boring noodles and chicken were happy. Those of us who wanted the whole Shebang, could have it. Just make sure you try it. You might even find yourself licking the pan clean before washing it in the sink :)

Here is the link to Pioneer Woman's website for directions - LINK
Here is the link to a printable recipe - LINK

1 comment:

gramma said...

This was a huge hit in our house!!!
I diffently will fix this often.