Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anyone want to join Daring Bakers?

So, I have been debating for a while on whether this is something I might enjoy doing. Or if it would end up like my daughter said, the last couple of days of the month I would be moaning and groaning about all the I have to do and this was just one more thing to put me over the edge. But I thought maybe is someone else was brave enough to do it, perhaps I would also. Steff is already a member, so maybe she could give us some clever insight on how this is working out for her.

Here is how you do it...

Sign up with the Daring Bakers . Then once a month you will get a recipe that is chosen by a member of the group. You have one month to complete the challenge and post to you (our) blog. Some of the challenges that have been done are

April - cheesecake pops

January - Lemon Meringue pie

December - Yule Log

We could each post our results when we get finished. Might be kind of fun. Anyone in?


How to Join the Daring Bakers

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Daring Bakers, e-mail BOTH Lis at lamiacucina{at}adelphia{dot}net AND Ivonne at creampuffsinvenice{at}gmail{dot}com.

When contacting Lis and Ivonne, please include your name, your blog name and url, and an e-mail address.

If you don't have a blog but still want to be a Daring Baker, you're welcome to join. Non-blogging members are expected to complete the challenge and provide a write-up (and photos, if possible).

New members are always welcome!

**Deadline for membership each month is the day of our challenge reveal. So when you start seeing 100's of the Daring Baker challenges popping up everywhere, take note of the date they all posted on.. you've got until midnight of that date to email both Lisa and Ivonne your request to join. If we receive it the day after, your membership will be for the following month.


Steff said...

Yes! Please do it with me! It's super fun. I like that it gets me to make things I never would have considered trying otherwise. It would be so fun if we all did it and posted our results on here. DO IT!

Law's said...

I just signed up for that last week, I am so excited to get to try all the new stuff.

Thomas Family said...

Okay, since at least one other person signed up, that gives me the courage also. I guess if I sign up now I won't participate in the May challenge so June will be my first one. I think everyone who is doing this should post a picture of their creations each month. What do you think? I am going to sing up right now! Uhmm Steff, what is the challenge for the month of May just out of curiosity.

Melissa said...

you guys are way too ambitious for me...can't wait to hear (read/see) how it goes.

Thomas Family said...

It is official. I am on the roster for June. Just when we will be in middle of graduation stuff. Yipee!

Thomas Family said...

Come on Melissa, you know you want to join. All the cool kids are doing it :) If nothing else we can all stress together.