Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Picky Palate Scores Again

While I have tried a couple of her brownie recipes(yummy!) I hadn't yet tried some "real food" I saw this dish on her site and just had to. It was delicious. I didn't have quite as much shrimp as I thought I did but it worked. I have leftover pasta so I thought I'd cook some chicken for it for lunch tomorrow. Definitely worth a try for shrimp fans.

Also does anyone now how to include the links in your post so they look neat. Thanks and Enjoy!!!

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Thomas Family said...

Love the asparagus with the pasta. It makes your picture look sheik. I saw this recipe and was drooling, but since my husband is allergic to shellfish I haven't given it a try. But with your review I may have to give it a go next time he goes out of town. Or perhaps I will make a small batch for my lunch when I deserve something special. Thanks for posting, it really looks good.