Wednesday, May 7, 2008


On the Pioneer Woman Cooks website, she is doing a give away of the above cuisinart and mini cuisinart. All you have to do is go to this website pioneer woman give away and do the following which is posted on her website.

Here is what she posted....

Are we having fun yet? It’s been a great anniversary week so far, and it’s about to get a little better if you’ve always wanted a “Cuisinart”…or two. This rip roaring giveaway includes Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor (nice & big!) and a cute little punk 3-cup Mini-Prep Food Processor. Everyone should have a cute little matched set of Cuisinart food processors—did you not know this? That it’s a fundamental human right? Well, it is. And I’m here to promote human rights and justice and peace and…slicing, dicing, grating, and, of course, chopping the tarnation out of stuff.
To enter the contest, answer the following question in the Comments section of this post: “What is your one favorite food on earth?’ Now, we had a contest weeks ago in which entrants listed their ideal meal, and that was great fun; for this one, though, I want you to narrow it down to one specific food or dish. What food, when you first take a bite, causes your eyes to roll back into your head and forget your mother’s maiden name? Though I’m not eligible to enter, I’ll start the fun by listing mine:

Creme Brulee.

Now share yours! One entry per person, please; Contest will continue ’til 7:00 Pacific Time Thursday! (I hope this makes it easier for some of you turkeys on the other side of the International Date Line.) Winner will be selected at random and will be announced tomorrow.

She then uses a random post picker to choose the winner. Right now there are over 5,000 posts but hey it is a free chance. You have until 7 pacific standard to enter. Good Luck.


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Steff said...

I entered this and did not win. I was bummed because I really want a food processor. Oh well, maybe next time.