Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oscar Chicken submitted by Marilyn McGhie

Hi guys,
This is a recipe that we had at our RS Birthday before
we left. It is really good.

Chicken Breasts
Cheese slices (swiss, pepper-jack Or monterey-jack)
Crab meat (imitation crab is okay)
Hollandaise Sauce (Pkg. mix prepared)
Avocado (sliced)

Grill chicken breasts and season as desired. Place cheese slice on top of chicken breast. Garnish with crab, hollandaise sauce and avodado.
*Make sure that hollandaise sauce is warm when poured on top.


Law's said...

Becca invited me to join the group, could you send me an invite. My e-mail address is Thanks:)Mandy

Thomas Family said...

Becca, sent you an invite. Let us know if there are any problems and welcome to the group!

Marilyn - that looks so good. All the things I love most- crab, avocado, cheese! I will definitely try this. This recipe also looks good because I can customize each piece of chicken for my family since some don't love avocado and my husband is allergic to shellfish. Thanks! I am going to try this for dinner next Monday. The other thing I like about this is there are not to many ingredients and isn't very complicated.